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Many are now ready for the social shift in their understanding of what is really going on in the world. People have finally woken up to the fact that most of what we are told is far from the truth of what is really going on.

Let’s look at the bigger picture for a minute.

“We have more health care, more medicines, more doctors, more specialists, more supplements, more therapists, more low fat, more low calorie and more health education than we have ever had, yet we are the sickest, fattest and unhealthiest we have ever been. Then on top of that we have all the ‘self-help’, ‘laws of how to’ and ‘you-can-do-it’ information out there; yet we have more depression, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety and financial ‘suffering’ than ever – so we are no better off. Something is obviously wrong ”.

“The fact is that most of us are no closer to the perfect life than we were when we started looking for it. We have surrounded ourselves with material things. Our happiness is brought about by the wants of our ego. Many of our relationships are shallow and ego driven. We have lost connection with our children and have raised them on a diet of poisons and drama. The toxic unnatural foods we feed them are robbing them of their physical strength and energy. The TV and the drama that goes with it, is robbing them of their identity as they are judging them selves against what they see on TV and in the media.

It seems as life has gone on we have drifted further and further away from our knowledge of truth and wisdom and our connection with the ‘ocean of thought’ that surrounds us.

“It is time once again to know the truth about reality, about ‘who’ we are and how to get out of the modern day insanity we have created for ourselves and humanity in general and know our true potential and possibilities as humankind – to reclaim our life, our health, and our soul before our children inherit the bullshit we have allowed to spread over the earth whilst we were sleeping.

The Bachman Project is a kaleidoscope of guests that help us see the truth and the way of the future for all who seek peace, harmony and freedom to ‘Be’ on this amazing planet we call home.

A few of my favorite people who I have the honor of calling friends who are appearing on The Bachman Project.

Samantha Bachman interviews Ken O'Keefe
Samantha Bachman interviews Ken O’Keefe
Samantha Bachman interviews Max Igan for SB TV
Samantha Bachman interviews Max Igan for SB TV
Samantha Bachman interviews Patrick Henningsen for SB TV
Samantha Bachman interviews Patrick Henningsen for SB TV

Samantha Bachman & John Anthony West

 Samantha Bachman & Thomas Sheridan

What others have to say about Samantha’s :

“Samantha is disgracefully effective. Be prepared to be shocked, entertained, and outraged. ALSO be prepared to enjoy and learn from a human lioness that has been to the bottom of the pit and come up not only smelling of roses but, distributing laughs while helping you to make massive positive changes in your life. She is totally uncompromising and an amazing performer. If you ever want fun and learning in the same breath, go to Samantha. Health Warning: You will be changed for the better – do you really want that?”

Testimonial by Fergus McClelland of Vocal Trademark, London UK .

Even if I had have studied the Quantum World and Consciousness until I died, nothing would have explained the paradoxes I pondered between Physics, Quantum Physics and Metaphysics. It has been my almost nightly ‘out of body’ experiences, that has given me the understanding of how it all works. The biggest realization I had was in the need to drop all ‘BELIEFS’, Cultural, Religious and Personal. I saw that these were the ‘Biggest Hurdles’ to Personal Evolution and Growth. These ‘Blocks’ inhibit the Power we have to Command our Life. Extract from – The Union of Body, Mind and Soul by Samantha Rayn Bachman



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